Kylie vs. Kylie

So Kylie Jenner has decided she wants to trademark her first name (can she even do that?) and unsurprisingly, Kylie Minogue isn’t all that thrilled about it. I mean she was the original! We have no idea who will win the legal war but we're all about picking a team!

Bring on the battle of the Kylies…

Battle of the Talent: Pop Princess vs. Reality Personality

Obvious fact no. 1: Minogue can sing and act... WELL! Jenner can go about her life with a camera in her face (I'm no  TV star  but I'm guessing that's pretty difficult!)  she also models and APPARANTLY she's a pretty good singer, but we're yet to see a no. 1 hit. If they were in a talent competition, Minogue would win hands down - just saying!  

Minogue 1 - 0 Jenner

Battle of the Fame Game:  Soap Star vs.  Snapchat Star

Minogue made her rise into acting as Charlene Robinson in Neighbours and has only got bigger since! Recently, Jenner has tried her own hand and soap style acting with a choreographed Snapchat story involving a lot of her staring into the camera. It was pretty weird but maybe this is the beginning of a whole new Snapchat thing and Kylie will really be winning the fame game... I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Minogue 1 - 1 Jenner

Battle of the Sisters: Kendall vs. Danni

No denying they both have a pretty cool fam, Danni followed in the singing career and Kendall led the way into modelling (because she is FLAWLESS!). The Minogue sister's '100 Degrees' album of mega-uplifting disco Christmas tunes was pretty epic, but with their clothing line collaborations and even an app for the pair, the Jenners probably win this one!

Minogue 1 - 2 Jenner

1. @kyliejenner 2. @joedadic

Battle of the Contribution: Charity Queen vs. #LipGoals

The BIG question... how have the Kylies actually made a difference? (yep, we're getting deep). Minogue may as well be listed in the dictionary next to the word 'charity' she's supported so much, including fronting a breast cancer campaign after her own personal battle. Jenner has given us... #LipGoals (Not really in the same league). Not only has Kylie Jenner made us crazy jealous but she's also given us the tools to rock the bold lip ourselves! There was a minor setback with the lip plumping craze that left people sore for days, but she brought us the lip kit, I guess we can be pretty thankful for that!

Minogue 2 - 2 Jenner

Battle of the Name: Jenner vs. Minogue

Because this is what it's all about! At the end of the day, when you hear the name Kylie, who do you think of? You know which team you're on!