Last of the Summer Escapes


by Naomi Cooper

 We fancied getting that last spot of sun before summer was officially over and what better place to go than this summer's hotspot, the island of Mykonos? Renowned for both its beauty and nightlife, the island has something for everyone. So whether you’re the sort to dance all night, a sunset seeker or you just wanna get that Insta snap to make your mates jel, it’s the place for you!

Sunset Spot

 Chasing the sun… well I don’t really like running so I found that it’s much more enjoyable sitting in a chair. Look no further than Caprice bar for the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over the sea; bliss. 

Windmill Hill

Considering that Mykonos’ nickname is island of the winds, it makes sense that one of its most iconic features are the Windmills. They can be seen from every point in the village and were once used to mill wheat (ya learn something new everyday!). They are no longer in use for production but there is a museum there and if you want an Insta snap of the sunset from higher ground here’s the place to go

Veranda Bar

 Try Veranda Bar for the best Strawberry Daq in town, its right next to the sea front but be careful not to sit too close to the sea unless you want to get some salt in your drink (I personally prefer my daq’s chilled and unsalted)

Casa di Vino

 Don’t fancy a cocktail? Well the drink options don't stop there… try a glass of wine in the pretty cobbled streets at Casa di Vino, you can sit among pillows on steps outside the bar and watch Mykonos town life go by, very cultural!

Psarou Beach

 Salty hair, crystal clear waters, and summer tunes, Pasarou beach is quite literally heaven on earth. It’s got plenty to see and do, water sports, snorkeling and if you're hungry and thirsty after beach activities, head to Nammos Beach Club for coffee, brunch, or straight on to the cocktails.

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