LC's Best Halloween Looks

Ex Hills star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad always kills it come Halloween so we're looking back at some of her best get ups over the years...

Creepy Movie Girl

Easy one for you to try at home and one of the only times you can rock a teddy bear as your accessory out of the house. Get a collared dress and some white knee high socks and finish with some smudged make-up - the more messed up, the better. 

Britney Spears

Wanna re-create an iconic pop music look? This is the one for you. Get your classic white shirt, a black skirt and grey cardigan to be the ultimate Brit. Pigtails are a must.

Mary Poppins

Head to the movies and make your own stamp on Mary Poppins just like LC. All you need is a white shirt, bow tie hat and umbrella prop to nail this look. 

The Tooth Fairy

Sometimes you gotta go big or go home. And mesh fabric is the way to do it. Re-create Lauren's tooth fairy frock in a tulle skirt. 

Image credit: Lauren's Instagram