Leia's Legacy

Featuring all over the runway in 2015, transported from far, far away to a totally modern trend, the Star Wars effect on fashion is oh so very real! Now the space opera is making its way back to the big screen, yes… yawn!

Forget the film, it’s time to take style inspo from one of the original rebels and ultimate leading lady Princess Leia. A woman in a man’s world on her own terms since 1977 (or whenever the film is supposed to be set), she knew what it meant to power dress!

Note: The word ‘inspo’ was chosen carefully, we’re not suggesting you dress up as a Jedi Knight any time soon.

1. A New Hue

Switch up the basic black and go for all white errthang. A single hue from head to heel alongside hardware deets says you’re not messing!

Maybe avoid the hairstyle. Like the rest, it’s time may come, but that time is definitely not now.

2. Return of the Abs

It’s all about the strong and sassy so bare that midriff and show off in sheers. The bralet, the arm cuff, the plait… all proof that Leia was just WAY ahead of her time. If you are heading off for some winter sun then we strongly recommend a gold bikini.