Life As A Flexitarian

Plant based eating is so on trend right now that even the most carnivorous of us are switching to a more eco-friendly diet. 

‘Veggies with benefits’ have been trending since the nineties but the last few years have seen stats almost double on those adopting a more herbivore lifestyle.

The great thing about going flexi is even commitment phobes can have a bash at it (guilty as charged!). Now we’re not talking about having cheesy chips for every meal (c’mon we know that’s what you were thinkin’), but meat-free Mondays are a good place to start.

Research shows cutting out meat a few days a week is best for the planet and best for you. 

Health benefits include a decrease in BMI, lower blood pressure and can even increase your lifespan up to 13 more years!

With courgetti, cauliflower cous-cous & broccolini stocked to the nines at our local supermarket and superfood salad bars competing with street food burger joints, going pro plant just got even easier!

So step away from the bacon & eggs BAE and get your protein fix from food like quinoa and raw peanut butter.


*Combining vitamin C rich food/drinks with plant based meals will help your body absorb the iron content in your veggies so there’s no excuse to reach for a fillet au Poivre.

*On those CBA meat treat days, be sure to opt for grass-fed, organic and antibiotic free varieties. Grass-fed beef is better quality than grain-fed as it’s richer in anti-oxidants and good fats.

*And remember that carbs aren’t off the cards! Choose wholegrain and unprocessed varieties and you’ll stay fuller for longer with a steady release of energy. We’ve all experienced a Dominos carb crash food coma!

*Take baby steps by cutting out meat 1 day a week and then 2 the next, before you know it you’ll be Flexificient and fabulous!

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