Life lessons Dory taught us

We can’t deny it, we cannot wait for Finding Dory to hit the cinemas, we’ve been counting down since Finding Nemo came out 13 years ago… that's a whole lot of waiting.

Aside from her lovable charm and forgetful nature we actually have a lot to thanks Dory for, and that’s not just the uncontrollable laughter she provided, but the life lessons she taught us way back when.

Here are the top 5 life lessons a Disney character has ever taught us!

1.       Her life mantras

Dory teaches us the importance of staying positive and not giving. Even when you feel like everything is going wrong, always remember that things will get better. 

2.     Take risks

Ok, so let’s not go too crazy but it's important to always make time to try new things and inject some excitement into your life. Take 5 to just let loose with your BFFs, trust us, you'll feel so much better.

3.    Always stand up for yourself

No one gets anywhere in life if you let the haters hate. Take it from Dory, if someone's got a problem, talk to them about it. Your feelings are important so there's no harm in having a chat with someone who may have hurt you.

4.   It's OK to forget things

Maybe not quite as much as Dory, but we are all guilty of forgetting things now and then. Dory teaches us that we all make mistakes and that's OK, so next time you forget something at work or school, just remember you're only human.  

5.   Relationships are never easy

Whether it's a friendship or romantic relationship, these things can be difficult and confusing. It's sometimes hard to find the time in our busy days to take time out and get our head straight. Talk to someone close to you if you feel confused. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

There's no question that Dory has taught us a lot, so lets just take a moment to enjoy (cry from cuteness over)  baby Dory, because... oh my god....just... I can't even