Life Lessons We Learnt From Blair Waldorf

We've happily taken a walk down memory lane, well, Manhattan to be precise. From love to life and friendship to family, here's all of the life advice we learnt from our favourite Gossip Girl

Look On The Bright Side

Okay we're not in Disney, but look close enough and you'll find fairytale MOMENTS in your life

You Make Your Own Destiny

B Waldorf knew - you gotta make your own luck in this world

Find Your Inner Strength

And channel it with everyone from boys to your best friends

But Know It's Okay To Admit You're Not Okay

Girl you've got Serena and the NJBC on your side - #SQUADGOALS

Fashion Faux Pas Will Be Outed

It's for your own good girls

Don't Be Scared To Put Your Heart On The Line

Sure, it's scary. But it's better than 'what ifs' right? 

But Know When To Walk Away

Sometimes you gotta draw a line, Chuck Bass or no Chuck Bass 

Own Who You Are

Some girls are gym addicts, some are Upper East Side schemers, variety is the spice of life and everything...

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

Believe you can and you're halfway there

Put Things Into Perspective 

And find the good in every situation

Some Things Will Just Never Make Sense

Like feelings and that time Blair was temporarily dethroned. But hey, we accept it and move on

Know Your Worth

And don't settle for anyone or anything less. Preferably have these epihanies in the bath whilst eating macarons

Turn The Tables

Not every girl needs to be saved, sometimes you gotta save the guy instead. Independent woman and all that hey?!

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