Life Lessons We Learnt From Simon Pegg...

by Charlotte Briggs

Everyone's fave actor, Simon Pegg celebrates his 46th birthday today and it turns out he's given us some pretty sound life advice over the years...

1. How to survive a zombie apocalypse (kind of)

Is there really a more important life lesson to learn as a millennial? Simon Pegg showed us in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ not only how to survive a zombie apocalypse but more importantly how to do it in style. 

2. You need to move on from the past

In his film ‘The Worlds End’, Simon’s character gets into trouble because he refuses to move on from his days at school, much to the dismay of his friends. Whilst it’s sometimes great to look back at your past, it’s even more important to take new opportunities and ultimately grow as an individual. 

3. Everything will always blow over

And not necessarily at ‘The Winchester’ (although, if you can wait for things to blow over there, kudos to you). Simon proved to us that when life gets tough and seems incredibly overwhelming, there’s always a solution if you stay strong, take risks and stick with your pals. Fantastic.

4. Follow your gut

Even when other people might think you’re crazy. Gut instincts have proven to us time and time again that they know a little something about life, and if you follow through with your intuition then ultimately you’ll come out top at the end. 

5. Cornetto’s are a pretty great hangover cure

It wasn’t coincidence that Cornetto’s made an appearance in Simon Pegg’s trilogy of films aptly named after this sweet treat. The inspiration for the name was apparently founded on his best friends love of Cornetto’s as a hangover cure and having tried and tested this theory myself, I can say it works pretty well. 

6. Stand up for what you believe in


7. You can achieve anything that you want

Not only is Simon an extraordinary actor (he has several awards to his name), he’s also a talented screenwriter, producer, narrator, voice over, comedian and has hosted several radio shows. That’s a pretty epic CV. 

8. Your own happiness is important

With the stresses of adult life, it’s easy to forget your own happiness when you’re stuck in a routine. In his role of ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’, his character discovers what makes humans happy. He finds that answering your own calling, feeling completely alive and knowing how to celebrate are just some of the answers to happiness. And they’re some pretty important life lessons if you ask me. 

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