Life Lessons We Learnt From The O.C

by Amita Kundlani 

It's been 10 years since the final episode of The O.C. aired. Despite only having four seasons (sob!) there were some pretty unforgettable moments c/o Seth and co. From shootings and breakups to weddings and divorces (and a WHOLE lot of crazy drama) here are the life lessons we've learnt from The O.C.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day

We wanna be in a family where bagels are on the menu EVERYDAY.

Sarcasm is the best defence

And the easiest way to ruin emotional moments.

Your first time is actually kind of awkward

Enough said.

Christmukkah is the best time of the year

Christmas is amazing, but Christmukkah is even better! There’ll always be a Christmukkah miracle.

You’re gonna get your heart broken

Things don’t always go as planned

It doesn’t mean it won’t get better though!

Uni will actually change you

Whether you become an environmentalist or an artist, you’ll meet new people and change as a person. But it doesn’t mean you still can’t be your old self.

Cherish your best friends

If it’s meant to be, it will be

Seth and Summer had their ups and downs but they found their way towards each other in the end #GOALS

True love is out there

Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are actual relationship goals. If they can get through Kirsten's alcoholism, Sandy's ex and so many problems, true love is still out there.

Family is everything

Whether you’re bound by blood or not, you’ll always be welcome by your loved ones.

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