Life Lessons We Learnt From The Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries 3 has been confirmed and we're just a little bit excited. Whilst we heart our traditional Disney princesses, Mia wore the ultimate crown for her sassy nature, witty one liners and all round #lifegoals, so to celebrate this royal announcement, here's life lessons we learnt from the film. 

Accept Yourself For Who You Are

Mia didn't obsess over contouring or extensions, she worked with 'what she got' and embraced natural. 

What You Give Power To Can Control You

Sure, so technically it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said this, but nonetheless it's true. 

Have A Goal In Life

Okay, so Mia's may have been a little bit warped at the beginning, but at least she was committed. 

Always Have A Good Excuse Handy

Although we don't quite see this having the same effect if we rock up 20 minutes late to work... 

Hold Out For The One

You'll know when you meet him. 

Dance Like No-One's Watching

Literal YOLO.

Recognise The Good People In Your Life

And not when it's too late. Wake up and realise when they're standing in front of you. Sometimes literally. 

Don't Take Any Sh** From Anyone

Crown or no crown, mama didn't raise no fool. 

Stand Up For Yourself

And deliver it as sassily as Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, PRINCESS Of Genovia. Sure we may not be royalty, but that doesn't stop us delivering cracking one liners. 

Gif Source: Giphy