Living In A Shared House

Expectation V Reality

Expectation: The fridge will always be stocked with delicious food!

Image source: @janvieko

Reality: You're usually at the 'what can I make with green beans and cake mix' stage of needing to go shopping.

Image source: @kelbgetsfit

Expectation: You’ll create a cooking rota where you sit down together for dinner every night with a gourmet meal made by one of your talented chef selves.

Reality: Katie doesn't eat gluten, Jade can't cook and Lottie is the only one who's actually paid for a proper food shop since you moved in.

Expectation: You’ll have a Pinterest-worthy lounge with all the fairy lights and pretty home furnishings.

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Reality: You'll have maybe one decoration, the focus point of an otherwise empty room.

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Expectation: You’ll have the perfect balance of all going out together at the weekend and getting a good night's sleep in the week because you have your sh*t together now!

Reality: You'll be woken up at 4 in the morning by a questionable rendition of a One Direction song and someone falling over a chair.

Expectation: No more nagging from your parents! You can prove that you actually keep things WAY tidier and you're far more organised when you’re not pestered all. the. time.

Reality: Mummy can I please have some money? I'm hungry and we can't afford washing up liquid.

Expectation: You’ll all share the cleaning responsibilities and there will never be any washing up in the sink.

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Reality: There will be a passive aggressive moving around of the dirty dishes that have been there since Monday and no-one has taken responsibility for.

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Expectation: You’ll invite people over for summer garden parties and barbecues.

Image source: @misstarcafe

Reality: If you have any sort of garden at all it is a postage stamp sized patio/ mud area with some broken garden furniture.

Image source: @nataschaheller

Expectation: You’ll be best friends all year. You’ve picked these people carefully and know that you couldn’t possibly fall out, you already lived with some of them in halls, what could be so different!?

Reality: You'll probably fall out with all of them at some point during the year, there may be taking sides but if you're really BFFs you know it'll end up with a 3am cry and makeup over tea and toast.

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