Love Island Addicts: What You Should Do Now

Last night we said goodbye to possibly the best series there's been, and one of the main topics of conversation in your Whatsapp group for the past two months. 

So, what the f**k are we meant to do now?

Here are a few pointers on how to claim back normal life and fill that Love Island-shaped hole...

1. Socialising in the flesh again

Mid-week plans can now be a thing again. Woohoo! 

Gone are the days of making excuses to cover the fact that you're curled up on the sofa, bra-less, waiting to hear what weirdly wonderful metaphors Adam comes out with next.

2. Operation 'Summer bod'

We've spent enough time eyeing up everyone in there and their incred physiques (shout out to Kady's bum. Snaps for you). It's time to get the squats in, stock up on healthy grub and get yourself looking fine AF.

3. Stalk them on social media (obvs)

If you haven't already had a nosey on some of their profiles... WHAT ARE YOU DOING? 

Get on it. You are missing some absolute gems. Exhibit A... 

Let the keyboard battles commence. 

4. Reunite with Netflix

We've neglected you loads these past few weeks. So just like Katie did with Adam, we're going to welcome you back into our lives as our second-best option. Love yaaaaaaaa.

(Ps. if we're being real, there are actually some sick new series... FYI)

5. Watch the last fix

Mmmmmmhmm. Das right. Your eyes do not deceive you my friend.

On Sunday night, there is one last episode (Love Island: Heading Home) which takes a look at how some of the islanders who were given the boot coped watching their other halves, as well as a few heated reunions. 

Image source: giphy/Vine