Make-up Mistakes We All Made

by Sam Grisdale

While most 14-year olds these days know how to contour and bake, for us, we've experienced some pretty shameful faux pas…

1. Over-plucking your eyebrows. 

You did it, I did, we all did it. But none of us know why we did it.

2. Glossy lipgloss

We were SO in love with the way the wind swept your hair across your face and superglued it to your lips. Nice. 

3. Tangerine face

Trying to achieve a tanned face with too-dark-for-you foundation. Face palm.

4. Blue eyeshadow/eyeliner

The frostier the better to apparently make your eyes ‘pop’. 

5. That mousse foundation

Several shades too light for your skin tone and reapplied 4 layers on average every hour.

6. Using concealer as a lipstick

No words.

7.  Eyeliner

All. Around. Your. Eyes. WHY?

8. Glitter

Glittery hair, glittery arms, glittery eyes, glittery face. Sometimes there’s only so much shimmer a gal can take.

9. Falling asleep in your makeup

TBH this is still a mistake many of us haven’t learnt from and still partake in on the regular…

GIF source: Giphy