8 Mary Poppins Reactions To Everyday Life

So the internet is going a little cray. Why? Because Dick Van Dyke has confirmed he'll be back in a Mary Poppins sequel. Whilst we're trying to stay calm, what better reason to take a walk down memory lane with some of Marry Poppins' finest reactions?! Because girl got sass... 

Staying over at bae's for the first time

When you're sat in a meeting that could most definitely have just been had over email

"Describe yourself in five words"

When you get told to have a clear out

Friend: "I'll come, but I'm not drinking"

When your boss asks why you're late for work

When your friend's boyf ends up being a waste of space all along. And you knew from day one

When someone at work tries to talk to you 3 minutes before you're due to leave

GIF source: Giphy