Music Fix | Hatty Keane

We caught up with Brit singer and soundtrack to our latest advert (WeAreFamily) Hatty Keane to talk inspirations, music and Christmas memories!

What musical inspirations did you have growing up?

All the big divas – Christina, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child – the people that put on a show really – because when I’m doing a live performance I want to put on a show and for people to be like ‘Wow, who’s this girl?’


Have your musical inspirations changed now?
Definitely the same kind of inspirations – obviously Beyonce is still the queen!

If you weren’t a singer, what other career path do you think you would have taken?
I always knew I’d be doing something a little weird – I was into my science at school, I did see myself a little bit as a kooky scientist!

Describe your style in three words
Edgy, Grungy and Sexy

What are your style essentials whilst you’re on tour?
The highest heels you could possibly own – the higher the heels, the better. And some big earrings.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given along the way?
To not be afraid to make mistakes, because everything you do, you’re going to make a mistake, and when you do you’re like ‘Yep, I’m not going to do that again’ – and you learn, and you get better and better and better.

What are your favourite things about Manchester?
Firstly I was born here! The people – there’s a general happy vibe and you can go up to anyone and people are just like ‘Hi my love!’ Also Manchester United – I’ve been to a few games at Old Trafford.

Any dream collaborations?
In terms of writing collaborations, I’d love to write with Charli XCX – she’s an excellent writer – edgy, fierce, girl power – that kind of thing. I’m always interested in working with other writers that are doing the girl power thing. 

Hatty on set with the boohoo TV babes
Hatty on set with the boohoo TV babes


What’s your favourite Christmas moment?
My favourite Christmas moment is what we do with my family, we all sit in a circle and I make every single person open their present individually and we’re all like ‘Ooh do they like it? Do they not?’ Everyone complains because it takes three hours, but it’s my favourite.

Who will you be spending Christmas with?
I’ll be spending Christmas surrounded by family in Manchester which is my hometown!

What’s top of your Christmas list?
Top of my Christmas list this year is always really comfy PJs and socks, because I hate buying socks for myself!

If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be?
If I could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, it would have to be my favourite little boy – my dog – no tongues obviously.


Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
Christmas Day
Fake or Real Tree
Fake Tree
Christmas at Home or Away
At Home
Take time to open presents or rush through
Take time
Angel or Star on top of the tree 
Stars all around
Dress up or down
Dress up