Netflix Date

Whether you're chilling with your BF or your BFF, here's 5 rom-coms that are perfect to 'Netflix and Chill' to on Valentine's Day...and actually worth watching!


Pretty In Pink

Andie is stuck in a love triangle between her eccentric best friend and popular guy Blane. She has an amazing, mostly pink wardrobe (the clue is in the title) and she always stays true to her quirky self. Girl power! Perfect if you're looking for a classic but lighthearted romance.


As if! With one of the biggest trends of SS16 being The Nineties, Clueless is so totally relevant right now . Don't worry about going solo, take note from icon Cher and her sassy single girl status this Valentine's. Sure, the film ends with Cher finding love, but she didn't worry about being single. Embrace it sister! 

Obvious Child

Jenny Slate plays a recently dumped, stand up comedian in a hilarious but touching comedy. Expect genuine laughs and a totally real female lead you can get behind. If you like Knocked Up, you love this. 


From the directors of Superbad, this coming-of-age story starring Kristen Stewart doing her 'tortured soul thing'  is both moving, funny and perfect for a chilled Sunday film night.  

Say Anything

Lloyd has no career ambition but is always optimistic when it comes to winning over Diane, a straight A student whose focus is on her scholarship in England. Diane finds there's much more to life than perfection as Lloyd discovers that his only ambition is to win Diane's heart. It's a soppy classic and a perfect film if you're hinting for a big romantic gesture this Valentine's.

Who doesn't?