Netflix Marathon

We’re back with all the action from the boohoo Games! Our next event is more of an endurance test; the legendary Netflix Marathon.Netflix was created in 1997 (#funfact) and has since reached spectacular levels of popularity. We’ve all been guilty of uttering the words ‘just one more episode’ before accidentally spending the best part of our Sunday in front of a screen – but we’re looking for someone to watch with purpose. With skills. With snacks.

A true marathon competitor.

The requirements may sound simple; a lazy day OOTD that’s chic yet cosy, lounging skills to rival Homer Simpson, a well-executed snacking strategy, an impressive Netflix playlist, and tips on how to have the ultimate night in.
Bonus points for thinking outside of the box, whilst staying…well, in front of the box.

Representing France, we have Clementine from Fruity Girl. Fighting for the UK, we have Team boohoo, all the way from London! We’ll be giving you our best recommendations for a night in to remember!
First up; the outfit. Comfort is key, but digging out that old t-shirt just isn’t an option. Clementine kills it in boohoo loungewear, with bang on-trend emoji slippers. 

Both Clementine and Team boohoo are of the opinion that more is more when it comes to snacking. Nachos, burgers, chocolate, pizza, ice-cream… quinoa just won’t cut it.

Clementine storms into the lead with some skilful Netflix choices; Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, Shaun of the Dead and a true iconic classic: Friends.

Team boohoo are mixing it up with our suggestions; the wildly unpredictable/incredibly frustrating cliffhanger-filled Sherlock and Pretty Little Liars, feel-good guilty pleasure Love Actually and serious throwback – the original Pokemon cartoon!

The final challenge is a tough one…what are the best tips for a good girly night in?

The Fruity Girl motto is a clear one; choose comfortable loungewear that can withstand hours of binge watching… and don’t scrimp on the junk food! That’s a winner in our book!

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