New Kids On The Block

By Darcey Taylor

Evolving, changing, moving forward- we’re always looking for the next big thing, the rising stars. So who is flashing on the upcoming radar at the minute? Not sure? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. From Instagram bloggers, to poets, to models, here is the heads up on who to look out for.


Ellen Brockbank


Fashion blogger and I.G sensation Ellen Brockbank is definitely one to watch. Her edgey look and innovative style is both refreshing and inspiring, especially if you like something a bit different style-wise. Ellen has some really exciting new ventures coming up, so this is definitely a great time to tune in to what Miss. Brockbank is up to!

Winnie Harlow

Discovered on the twenty-first cycle of America’s Next Top Model, Winnie Harlow,  born Chantelle Brown- Young, suffers with a condition called Vitiligo, where sections of the skin loses its pigmentation, resulting in Winnie’s strikingly beautiful look. She is now becoming a successful model, and ever growing in popularity within the industry, AS WELL as an spokesperson and activist, you go girl! I predict this is just the start for Winnie…

Rupi Kaur

Indian- American ‘poetess’, author and spoken word performer Rupi Kaur is at the beginning of her career but it is clear to see there are big things for her yet to come. If you are new to the poetry scene, Rupi’s work is a great place to start. Her poems are small, accessible, relatable, and are accompanied by lovely, little illustrations. She has recently released her first printed collection of work called Milk and Honey, but she posts a lot of her work on her Instagram account.

Jamali Maddix @jamali11

London born comedian Jamali Maddix has recently captured some notice in the comedy scene, and after checking his work out myself I can certainly see why. His fresh and down-to-earth look at racism and politics definitely appeals to the millennial generation. Jamali seems to have the vibe of that really funny guy in your class at Uni, making the topics of his sets more digestible and conversational rather than frustrated or preachy. Make sure to give him a watch, he is definitely a new favourite of mine!