NYFW: Your Guide To The City

NYFW is here, Fix Editor Jen Cox explores the fashion capital to give you a flavour of the city; what to eat see and do in New York. We think you should go and discover it yourself, but whatever you do, don’t leave without… 

Doing some serious sky watching...

Tripping up is a constant danger in this city, with your chin is permanently titled upwards. Avoid accidents and take to one of NY’s many spots for a bit of skyline gazing. Brooklyn Bridge has a hella view of Manhattan and is a pretty impressive example of construction too. The mix of industry and iconic skyline is hard to beat.

My top spot however has to be the Ides Bar at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Of the many rooftops watering holes, this art deco inspired hangout is the most intimate and at its best at sunset; get there early for a good spot. And, if you’re over 21, they do a killer Hemmingway Daiquiri.

Having brunch... 

If you love to brunch, you NEED to go to NY. No city takes this meal more seriously, come the weekend native New Yorkers flock to the city’s must-visit brunch spots. From chia pudding to lavender toast, you can forget normcore. Don't panic, for lovers of a classic, eggs with a mimosa on the side is about as NY (and delish) as you can get. There are SO many places to go, but my fave is Jack's Wife Freda, 242 Lafayette and 50 Carmine Street, NY.   

From the messages on the sugar packets 'hey there, hot tea’ and’ I love you a latte’ to the illustrated menu, this place is so sweet it will give you toothache. Rosewater waffles are a house favourite or try the poached eggs with haloumi, washed down with a bottomless coffee or fresh mint lemonade.  

Walking The Highline...


Between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, The Highline is a disused elevated railroad that has been turned into a garden walkway with views of the city and the Hudson River. 

Why’s it so good? 

On a warm day its dreamy wooden loungers are the ideal sunny hangout just moments out of the mania of the city. On cooler days you can get a kick out of the numerous projects, art installations and graffiti hidden along the line.

Make a day of it and check out Chelsea Market for some good local eats and don’t miss a chance to window shop the boutiques and vintage stores of the MPD; serious goals .

Taking advantage of Free Friday...

Every Friday 4-8pm entry to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) is free, yes FREE! Art fan or not, the catalogue of works from Andy Warhol to Dan Flavin and Roy Lichtenstein is not only impressive, it’s so pop it hurts.

Get there early, you will have to dodge tourists snapping selfies in front of Warhol’s Marilyn (Monroe) Diptych but trust me it’s SO worth it.

If you remember your art lessons then you should be aware of Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night, wait out the crowd to see it IRL – it’s smaller than you’d imagine but big on impact  

Saying hi to LADY LIB...

A NY trip wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the Staten Island Ferry! Why? Because it’s free (gotta love a freebie) and you get a killer view of The Statue of Liberty. You can even buy a beer aboard (again if you are over 21).

If that’s not enough you can relive your SATC memories and pretend you’re heading over to the New York Fire Department's annual calendar contest. With the city lights twinkling, the view is even better after dark and you’re in luck, because the Ferry runs around the clock, every day of the year!

Getting lost...

OK, don’t actually get seriously off the map lost, but do venture away from the city guide; discover New York on your own terms.

The subway runs 24/7 and the block system makes navigating the streets here easier than any other big city. My favourite place to just mooch and chill is Williamsburg; street art, vendors selling handmade jewellery and ridiculously good coffee are easily found along with some great places to take in the Manhattan panorama.

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