Street stylers | Nyané & Mpho

As part of our latest campaign, we caught up with twin sisters Nyané and Mpho Lebajoa to find out who would be in their ultimate style squad.

1. Nyané is part of our girls club 2. Mpho werks all black eryythang

Did your parents dress you the same growing up?
N: Yes most of the time

M: Yes quite a lot, sometimes just in different colours.

Have you ever stolen something from each other’s wardrobe and never given it back?
N: Yes, probably when we were still in college and didn't realise the other would notice.

M: Yes, I've stolen a couple of belts from Nyané.

Who inspires your style?
N: I love Grace Jones but I wouldn't say she inspires how I dress, just how I present my style... a bit risqué.

M: I get my inspiration from the music I listen to and some old indie movies I watch. Just the sort of laid back vibe they each give, that's how I feel when I dress.

Are you two hitting up any events together this summer?
N: Probably some festivals and a few brunches when I'm back in London.

M: Yes, hoping to do some festivals and rooftop events.

Who would be in your dream squad?
N: Studio 54 squad.

M: Diane Kruger, Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth.

Are you street stylers like Nyané and Mpho? Show us! Tag @boohoo in a photo of you and your mates with #WeAreUs and tell us which squad you belong to. Need more info, read all about the campaign here >