Off The Map | Marfa

Manchester to Texas. 3 plane journeys, a 4 hour drive and 26 hours down, you're in the middle of nowhere and you've reached your destination. 2000 residents, 200 miles from anywhere, follow the boohoo team explore the cool but tiny town of Marfa whilst shooting the latest campaign, No Destination. 

From shooting art installations to filming on a ranch surrounded by a whole lot of nothing, it's the kind of place that you can't really describe the unless you see it for yourself...  

Where to eat 

Food Shark

If it's good enough for Beyoncé, it's good enough for us. Food Shark is a basically a truck in a parking lot selling really great tacos. 

Where to stay 

Quater Cirlce 7 Hotel. Owned and operated by a local 4th generation ranching family, they have perfectly captured the true charm and warmth of far West Texas It's kind of like staying on a luxury ranch and the owners are super friendly!

What to see

There is SO much to see in Marfa (and really you need to see it all) but here Prada Marfa is a must

You've probably seen it all over Instagram and in magazines but it's nothing like seeing it IRL. Driving miles and miles out of the nearest town for this Prada 'store' to pop up out of nowhere, completely surrounded by a whole lot of nothing, if you can catch it at sunset it's even more surreal. 

Where to shop

The Get Go 

The best place in town to pick up organic, vegan and local produce. (Also great for amazing smelling Marfa soap and hipster tote bags)   

Where to drink

Lost Horse Saloon 

If you're looking for real Texan vibes, Lost Horse is the best bar in Marfa for that. Live music and cowboys are a given. 

Planet Marfa 

A quirky beer garden with fairy lights, a vintage school bus and teepee with a fire pit (perfect in the evening). Live music and lots of dancing. 

Most  Instagrammable  places

Anywhere in town

Coolest thing to see

Donald Judd, Prada Marfa, the gas station that is actually an art installation and the Marfa mysterious lights