Times Olsen Films Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations

We all know two's better than one, so in honour of our fave twin's birthday - we mark all of the times we just wanted to be MK and Ash because their lives looked totally bossin' on the silver screen. It's their 30th don't cha know. I'll have what they're having... 

That we'd look this slick under the age of 10

Bada$$ vibes all over the show

That we'd faint flawlessly like this... 

Under a chandelier and next to a sweeping staircase too for added effect 

That we'd still look this babein' after having water thrown in our face

That we'd fall in love approximately two seconds after meeting our holiday romance


That in a crisis, we'd travel by helicopter and horse and carriage to save the day

That perfect beachy waves were within reach

That our parents would take us on lush trips to The Atlantis Palm Resort, in Dubai 

We were lucky to score a weekend trip to the seaside with a stick of rock as our souvenir 

And be completely A-OK with us roaming around Paris on the back of vespas with two boys we'd just met

You know, standard... 

GIF source: Giphy