Our Mayne Man

An Oscar and an OBE made 2015 the year for Eddie Redmayne and with his new film ‘The Danish Girl’ already out this month and a best dressed award from GQ in the bag, 2016 doesn’t look like it’ll be too shabby either!  

All achievements aside (and that’s a lot to shift), humble, chiselled and adorably freckly, what’s not to like? From all of the boohoo Redmayniacs, here are 5 reasons why we love Eddie…

1. The Man Can’t Half Work A Suit!

As they say, if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it. Described by Elton John as “where Cary Grant’s style meets Fred Astaire’s lithe elegance”, Eddie sports his signature suiting at any event and it just works. every. time. 

2. His Incredible Acting

Obvious? Yes. Enough to leave it out? Absolutely not. From Birdsong and Les Mis (prepare for serious sobbing) to the bad guy in Jupiter Ascending and his Oscar winning performance as Steven Hawking – is there anything this guy can’t do!?

3. That Voice

Think melted butter drizzled over a baked pear with an English accent only made at Eton and a spoonful of added honey… mmm. And then there’s his singing. You’ve seen Les Mis, you know what we’re on about!

4. He’s Our Childhood Dream Guy

Eddie is soon to be starring as the lead role in the new Harry Potter film (just imagine if this was 10 years earlier… move over Daniel Radcliffe!) and he once admitted his first ever crush was Nala from the Lion King, aww! Okay, also kind of weird but I feel like he makes it adorable… maybe?

5. He Just Seems So... Nice!

From his humble Oscar acceptance speech (watch it here) to, and we know this is slightly upsetting, his adorable soon to be family with his wife, Hannah *gulping back tears*, it just seems Eddie can do no wrong. We can't even hate him for being married, what is that about!?