Partied out?

Take me to bed

You’ve just filed your last wedding guest outfit at the back or your (bursting) wardrobe and BOOM, it’s party season. Time to swap chic and girly with drop dead glam and sparkly.
Yes we do love an excuse to slip on the strappies and hit the floor Beyoncé style. But, we’re not going to lie, sometimes the best thing about party season is the serious chill days that follow mega nights out (OUT).

If you share our love of doing… nothing, then get ready to have some proper  #Ijustwokeuplikethis wardrobe goals. Whether you’re a Netflix + duvet kind of girl, throwing a slumber party or off for a weekend getaway it’s all about your bed (and post bed) gear.

Your Slumber Party BFFS

Did someone say sleepover? Go girly in a pair of shortie PJS, keeping your legs free for pillow fight victories or a DIY pedi. A slouchy knit or over shirt will keep you cosy and covered at breakfast; forget the embarrassment of flashing your BFFs brother over your morning cereal. 

Netflix & Snacks

Hard core prepping for the reported Nextflix Gilmore Girl revival? You’re gonna need some (a lot of) snacks and a suitable ‘Watching an entire series in a day outfit’. Luckily this oversized night-tee does exactly what it says on the tin. Go ahead and indulge in some fluffy bed socks and a fleece wrap/blanket too and you’re ready to go into serious ‘do not disturb’ mode. 

Full blown mini break weekend

According to Bridget a mini-break means love, so dress for the occasion in something romantic. Floral prints, berry hues and crisp cotton scream chic getaway style perfect for quaint B&B situations. However, if you’re break is more family time with the rents than breakfast in bed with the boyf – a pair of wide leg cami PJS are your totally acceptable go-to..

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