A-Level Results Day Feels...

 ‘Twas the night before A-Level Results Day and all through the house, a student was very-much stirring and wailing down the house. Sound familiar? We feel you, girl! If the thought of waking up tomorrow to a series of Us has you pre-ordering a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s and laying out your super comfy (and not-at-all-attractive) PJs – don’t panic! We’re with you every step of the way…

Stage One: The Dread

Did you revise enough? Did you have the right reading list? Did you highlight enough of your notes? Who even is Shakespeare?

Stage Two: Reliving The Exam

That post-exam debrief with your pals where you found out they’d all written a different answer to you? Yeah that.

Stage Three: The Voice Of Reason

You’re in a flap. You’ve called mum. She says it will all be fine and is no help at all. We need sympathy, people!

Stage Four: No Sleep Tonight

What happens if you don’t get into your dream uni? Are you gonna be a slave to retail forever? (Who needs sleep anyway, eh?)

Stage Five: Getting That Email

Your hands are definitely sweaty, your knees are probably weak and there’s a chance there might be vomit on your leavers hoodie already…

Whatever the outcome this Results Day, see it as a chance to party with your pals and leave sixth form on a high. Whether you aced it or didn’t do so well, it’s all about the experience, right? And remember, Steve Jobs was a dropout. 

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