Procrastination Probs

Number 1: You're procrastinating reading an article about procrastination.

Whether it's revision hell, #deathbydissertation or just the classic hump day slump, you'll likely cure cancer, find the key to world peace and maybe make up a dance routine (because why not) before you touch the work you're actually supposed to be doing. We feel ya! 

For some of us it's pretty much a full time job. These are some of the reasons why being a pro procrastinator is just not the one...

Social media is the enemy

Maybe by the time you're done checking Insta, FB and Twitter there'll be something new on Snapchat?

The Facebook basketball game has ruined your life

(Or will now if I've just introduced you to it). As if you didn't already have enough distractions you now have to compete against the crew at the most irritatingly addictive game that requires a whole new group chat *totally haven't done that*. Well, at least every score notification lets you know you're not the ONLY one not doing any work! 

The fridge is always empty   

You've got to have revision snacks when you're pretending to revise, right?

You spend a lot of time daydreaming

Sometimes it's even about the work you're supposed to be doing! But then before you know it it's dinner/ Made in Chelsea/ nap time and y'know... priorities.

You constantly complain there aren't enough hours in the day

There are... you just spent them doing everything BUT and the ones you don't remember you probs spent daydreaming.

The library has become another social sitch

You went there for a hard core study sesh once... but so did the rest of your procrastination prone squad and now it's just another place to sit and gossip.

Good intentions have the opposite effect

Right, I'll put on 'concentration' music and totally get in the zone! *spends half an hour choosing the playlist*

You end up paying more for tickets

The problems don't stop at studying! Early bird tickets... what are those?

You always forget something

Packing 10 minutes before you leave for the airport comes at a price. There will forever be something essential missing from that suitcase.

You know you actually have enough time to do everything

The most annoying thing about being a pro procrastinator: realising how much you HAVE got done by the end of the day. Your room is probably spotless, you've watched half a box set and found outfits for the next 15 nights out... but you still haven't started that to-do list.