Times Prince George Won At Life

Image Credit: Kensington Palace Twitter

Meeting the president of the United States is one thing. Meeting the president of the United States in your pyjamas and a dressing gown is another. Yet when it's Prince George, it's totally a-okay. 

Following his meet and greet with Obama himself, the robe his royal highness was rocking has sold out proving that anything he touches turns to gold. We've rounded up all the other times, Prince George won at life. And he's only two... 

When His Birth Warranted An Announcement Like This

Nailed it 

When He Didn't Have Time For Stuffed Animals In Oz

Meh! They have these in England...

Or His Dad...

Following a long-haul flight across the world, we don't blame him

Or Anyone Really

When He Had His Royal Wave Down

Millions of people watching? Not phased one bit

When He Rocked Up To His First Day Of Nursery Like This

Organised and just too adorable

But Mainly When He Was The Cutest Older Brother

GIF source: Giphy