Reasons We <3 McFly

When the ultimate noughties boy band McBusted teamed up for a tour of their all-time classics we thought all of our Christmas's had come at once. Next there was the ACTUAL Busted reunion (even Charlie, we could barely contain our excitement) and now, in case you haven't heard, McFly are making a comeback! This is not a drill, I repeat: this is not a drill! 


Whether you're a Room on The Third Floor kinda gal or Wonderland is more your jam, the four gorge guys are bringing them all back in an anthology tour across the UK. Between the jumping up and down and crazy researching when we can get our hands on tickets (this Friday FYI) we started reminiscing all the reasons why we fell in love with them in the first place...

Brothers from another mother

The cheeky chaps had an unbreakable bond and quite regularly referred to each other as family - caauuute!

They're fit AF

The childhood crushes we just never quite got over and with four of them, one was bound to be your type. Anyone who had a thing for Dougie way back when knows the insane jealousy of Frankie from the Saturdays!

1. @hunksville

They remind us of our childhood 

Sleepovers generally consisted of playing their CD's on repeat and arguing over who was going to marry who (usually whilst gazing at a poster of them on the bedroom wall). Plus, they kind of are like children...

The hair!

Not quite 5 colours (LOL), but from the Bieber sweep that was everything back in the day (and they did it first) to Dougie's Harry Styles-esque new look, we've been diggin' their hair for as long as we can remember.

2. @tomfletcher

Much more than a boyband... 

From Harry's shot at ballroom on Strictly Come Dancing (he had skills) to Dougie's stint in the jungle and Danny giving opera a go, they defo haven't wasted their time apart! (And we're SO grateful they didn't totally leave our screens).

They have the whole package

So they can can sing and make up a complete band (yes, that is the definition of a boy band) but, important fact: McFly have actually written the majority of their own music (the Room on the Third Floor documentary is a good'en) as well as a couple of 1D hits including 'Don't Forget Where You Belong'. 

Bet you didn't know that!

Last but not least... Tom's Wedding Speech

If you didn't see this when it made the social rounds 3 years ago, you've really missed out and can thank me later. If like the rest of us PROPER fans you were the first one sharing the vid with all your mates, it's always worth another watch! (Plus you can practice all the classics ready for the gig).

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