Records to own

Today marks the annual celebration of all things vinyl aka Record Store Day (or RSD to its army of dedicated fans). While we're not quite ready to lose a toe in the scramble for that limited-edition, 12-inch, only-ever-going-to-be-20-copies-released-in-the-world-ever record, we're here to celebrate all things pleasing to the ears as I asked the Stylefix team which original vinyls (new and old) they wished they owned.


Originally, I was going to pick one of Lee 'Scratch' Perry's early dubplates, but really it has to be Bob Marley and The Wailers- Kaya. There are three of my all-time fave songs on that record - Easy Skanking, Sun Is Shining and Satisfy My Soul - and if I could, I'd have a soundsystem in my (non-existent) garden and blast this on original vinyl so the whole street could hear. Come on, who doesn't love Bob?


"It would be Pearl Jam - Ten; I'm not sure how I don't have this already. It's proper 90s grunge at its best and most angst-ridden. A sound that authentic deserves to be on vinyl."


"Adele - 25 because her voice is basically made for vinyl. Let's face it, When We Were Young will sound 100 x more nostalgic out of a record player."


"Probably Kanye West - College Dropout would be my favourite throwback for vinyl. It was the older days when his music was bigger than his ego."