Saturday Night TV Throwbacks

Circa 1996 I'd have been sat in my final class of the day right about now, wishing my final fifteen minutes of spellings away so I could rush home for the weekend.  Now those among you who fall into the mid to late twenties category will know the true excitement that came with the pending weekend and all of the TV gold that went along with it...

1. Gladiators

On researching this article I now see how wrong those costumes actually were...on oh so many levels.  Nevertheless, I was obsessed with Gladiators. Poised on my bean bag, and my dinner balanced on my knee (soz mum) in the words of John Anderson I was 'ready'.

2. Blind Date

Oh yes, Cilla and 'our Graham' were also a firm fave.  In fact, Cilla taught me a lot as a pre teen:  

a) I was proud to be a Scouser

b) Dating was going to be tough game without Graham to help me out one day 

c) Gary from Birmingham wasn't as overjoyed with his choice when it was revealed his date (Tracey from Stoke) was wearing all of that velvet.  Looks aren't everything, but outfit choice is key.

3. Baywatch 

The second that theme tune begun I would sprint to the sofa.   I'm not ashamed to say I actually wanted to be Pamela Anderson,  and probs had a crush on the Hoff too.  This show was single handedly responsible for my highly unrealistic hair, tan, body and lifestyle goals as a young girl, but I loved it regardless. 

4. Stars In Their Eyes

This was like Strictly back in the day.  Perfect Saturday night viewing with the fam. Chippy dinner, singing along with your mum, and taking the mickey out of the 'makeovers'. Priceless.