School Squads: Then vs. Now

So you had your leavers ball and thought "right that's it, the status quo is over" - wrong! Never heard of fakin' it til ya make it? Whilst we're not about the hierarchy anymore (seriously, what was that about!?) the cliques are still going strong... Which squad are you in?

The Queen Bees: Mean Girls vs. Kardashians

So these girls pretty much ruled the school, were fierce AF and all the wannabes were desperate to join their squad. Now they're the Kardashians of the World, whether they're true fam or sistas from another mista they're still setting the trends together, lead by their one and only Queen Bee! (in this case: Kim).

1. @franceso.mzz  2. @kendalljenner

The Jocks: T-birds vs. Wildcats

The mean girls' male counterpart, every school had their T-birds (not usually lucky enough to have the matching jackets though). Just like the Wildcats it might take them until they leave school to figure out what to do with their lives but these are the ones who will probs surprise you the most because *shock* not every one of them could become a pro football player/ F1 driver!

1. @tbirds_fever1996  

The Drama Geeks: Glee Club vs. Selena's Squad

If the TV show is anything to go by the drama geeks didn't have the best school experience. As they say, the show must go on, from west end to pop princesses, the truly dedicated of the bunch have gone on to Selena squad status ... wonder who the joke's on now?

1. @gleeonfox  2. @selenaawkward

The Drifters: Superbad vs. The Social Network

At school these were the guys who didn't have a group, maybe a couple of them hung around together but whether for good or bad reasons, most people knew who they were. In the words of Mark Zuckerberg "You don't get 500 million friends without making a few enemies". Now their networking is getting them far in life, if they haven't made it to Zuckerberg status yet, just keep watching!

1. @bradlyandthreezy  2. @garfieldland

The Smart Populars: Wild Child vs. Chelsea Babes

This super sophis bunch has gone from top of the class to London’s elite. Their FB is full of fash pack party shots and their Instas love a good MIC style brunch but don’t be fooled, these girls weren’t just born into it – they 100% made it on their own!

2. @madeinchelsea

The Nerds: Arthur & Friends vs. Kick-Ass

The braniacs of the school who had zero interest in being top of the social chain, like Arthur and friends their life literally revolved around studying - and it's paid off! Maybe not LITERALLY but these are now the superheroes of the world, from Oxford graduates to brain surgeons and top Lawyers - we just have to hope they use their power for good and not evil! (Okay, I took the superhero joke too far).

1. @the.rarest.peep.of.all  2. @182pauloflores

The Couples: The OC vs. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Like Seth and Ryan, they hung around with ONLY other couples (apart from the occasional drifter who you couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for),  and not a lot has changed for these guys. There may have been a couple of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. style partner swaps since school but some of them are married, some have kids and they're probably the most settled of the lot!

1. @theoc.official  2. @f.r.i.e.n.d.s

The BFFLs: There's Only One Tree Hill!

This is the group that stood the true test of friendship. Each of them could have fit into another group easily, you had the jocks (Nate and Lucas) the mean girl turned smart popular (Brooke) and the arty type (Peyton) but they stuck together and somehow it just worked. Since school they’ve pretty much gone their separate ways but even with oceans between them you’ll still snaps from their annual meet up pop up on social… 100% BFFs!

1. @onetreehillfans  2. @joylenz