Single Mums we LOVE

In case you hadn't noticed... It's Mother's Day. Let's celebrate with some Mumspirations that are doing it solo! Not only are they kicking ass in their careers they are kicking ass at home, and we want to salute  you!

Jourdan Dunn

2. Dynamic Duo: Model in the making!

Not only is she one of the world's top models, she has to be one of our top role models too! She first got into modelling to pay for nights out and getting new clothes, the usual, but since having Riley she is on a mission to set up the perf' life for herself and her son. Having a little one has definitely not hindered her career, she was pregnant when she modelled a specially designed outfit for Jean Paul Gautier showing off her bump! And, the fact that her son suffers from a painful illness only fuels her ambition further. A true inspiration for strong independent women everywhere!  

Sandra Bullock

She became a mother in 2010 adopting her beautiful boy Louis. Since then the pair have been inseparable (I mean just look at them in their matching Halloween costumes!) Sandra has said that Motherhood has given her the strength to grow up and become a better person. In 2015 she extended her family with gorgeous girl Laila. Giving us serious feels Sandra's view is 'the exact right children came to me at the exact right time'. 

Successful career, perfect family, you go Sandy B!

Miranda Kerr

Another absolute beaut! We're jealous of her bod, we're jealous of her ex-husband and we're jealous of her adorable son. It's clear that Flynn takes after his mum (I mean check out their matching giggle face). This Victoria's Secret model is definitely an Angel to us and her cheeky cherub!

Sofia Vergara

1. All grown up: Manolo is clearly proud of his mum!

Although now she is married to 'Magic Mike's' Joe Manganiello (well jel) Sofia raised her son completely independently. Not only that, she decided to tackle motherhood and Hollywood at the same time. And now being Modern Family's sexiest mum she definitely triumphed in both areas. 

Kate Hudson 

Our active girl inspiration and another yummy mummy. Mother of two boys to two different fathers Kate Hudson couldn't be more proud of her 'unconventional' family. Boss in life, and boss at home she keeps strict rules for herself and her boys. Do not mess with this superwoman! 

Kristin Davis 

One of our favourite 'Sex and the City' ladies has followed in the footsteps of Sandra Bullock and her on screen persona Charlotte and adopted a beautiful little girl. Gemma, unlike her SATC character Kristin isn't hell bent on getting herself a husband, she's created the perfect family without no man!

Sisters are doing it for themselves!