Snapchat hacks you wish you'd known sooner!

Our Snapchat addiction is getting worse, and to add to it we’ve only gone and discovered a whole new world of underrated features. If you weren’t obsessed before, you will be now…soz!

So long word count

Ahh the dreaded word count, there is nothing more annoying than having to finish your sentence using the pen option and ruin your masterpiece…trust me. To overcome Snapchat’s 31 character limit just open your Notes app and hit the return button several times until you have an empty message. Highlight and select copy then head back over to Snapchat and hit paste into the text box. Go on, express yourself! 

Pastels for spring

Forget the rainbow, you can also create pastel colours like lilac and lemon by selecting the colour palette option and dragging your finger down and to the left-hand side of the screen.

Emojis speak louder than words

Now you can add as many emojis to your Snaps as you wish by tapping the sticker picker icon – emoji your heart out!

No more filter woes

If you’re torn between a colour filter and a location filter you can now have both! All you have to do is swipe your colour filter into place and combine it with another one! Simply hold down your first filter and use your other hand to select an additional filter. Warning: not for beginners! 

Black on black

The question everyone is asking, how do i access the black colour options? Stress no more, all you have to do is tap the pen icon and hold your finger down on the screen and drag to the lower left-hand corner without lifting your finger. 

Size matters

We certainly like to make an impact and now our Snapchat text can too. Simply tap the ‘T’ icon at the top of your screen after you’ve finished typing. Simple!