Snoochie Shy @ MTV

We sent blogger, DJ, presenter and all-round megababe Snoochie Shy to The Electric Ballroom in London to report from the front at MTV Brand New. Throwing back to the 00s, Craig David presents TS5 took the headline spot, with support from Anne-Marie and WSTRN.

Wanna know what went down? Here's what Snoochie had to say...

Snoochie in 'vintage' boohoo
Snoochie in 'vintage' boohoo

"I was lucky enough to head down to MTV Brand New thanks to boohoo and let me tell you now.... It was SICK!

First up was a banging performance from Anne-Marie. This was actually the first time I've seen Anne-Marie perform but I'm so glad I did. This girl rocked! Not only did she blow the roof off with her vocals, but her swag was out of this world and to top it off she had glistening glitter all over her. Can I also add her super cool Grandad was at the front going MAD! It did appear that I ended up getting cramp during most of her performance (and yes this could be to do with the fact that I was attempting to get down low on the ground throughout most of the songs). Maybe I need to take some dance tips from Anne-Marie, or maybe I should just leave the moves to her...

Next we had West London's finest WSTRN. I was v. excited to see these guys (in2 and Best Friend have been on repeat on my iTunes for a while now). It was good to hear some brand new tunes from the boys, they really got the crowd going PLUS their sunglasses game was strong!

1. Outfit change for Snoochie as she arrives 2. Craig David on the mic 3. London's finest WSTRN

And last of course, there was CD. I've been listening to this legend since I can remember and to see him in the flesh was something that I genuinely thought I was gonna cry about. Craig David, aka certified BOSS came on and got us all going mad when he started with his classic REWIND. Never in my life have I screamed BO SELECTA so loud (cramp re visted x 1000). 

I think I stood on someone's foot about 20 times 'cause I couldn't stop dancing, drinks went flying, and my hair got caught in someone's top. My best friend was next to me and she was flicking her hair like there was no tomorrow. Next thing I know Big Narstie comes out and it was just shut down really. Big Narstie and Craig David = amazing.

boohoo I love you.
Craig I love you.

If I have taken away anything from this experience it's that Craig David has now inspired me to start free styling over beats when I'm DJ'ing. I think this could be a new me. Cheers Craig!"

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