Sophie Hannah Richardson: Student Ambassador Programme

Recently I headed up to Manchester to boohoo's HQ to take part in their Student Ambassador training day. boohoo have set up an amazing and inspiring program for students across different UK universities, in which they will get the chance at creating content for boohoo's platforms. What an amazing opportunity for a student, to be able to create unique content and to showcase it right here on 'The Fix.'


As a full time blogger, creating content daily, boohoo wanted me to offer a bit of advice to the students and to inspire them on how they could create content such as flat lays, outfit posts and even videos.


I lead a presentation on how I became a full time blogger which included tips on how to set up their own blog, social channels and YouTube, if they didn't already have them. It was great to see that most of the students were already aspiring vloggers and bloggers.


During the training day the boohoo team and I led mini workshops on how to set up and record a video, how to create the perfect flat lay and what sort of content boohoo would be looking for. All of the students were so keen and I could definitely spot some YouTube stars in the making!


If you're an aspiring blogger then I would definitely recommend taking part in this ambassador program and setting up a blog before you finish university. You never know, by the time you finish you could be full time blogging like me!

Stay tuned to meet our ambassadors...