Stages Of Giving And Receiving At Xmas

By Chloe Taylor

Everyone is aware of both the joys and extreme fear of giving and receiving gifts so when it comes to this magical time of the year, we just want to make sure we become the number 1 gift giver ever. So here's every thought or fear that'll go through your head when shopping for the big day... 

1.      When you’re out and about doing your Christmas shopping and you stumble onto the best gift ever and you think; Do you know who would really like this as a present? Me.


2.      Mums deserve the world so why do I not have approximately £465 millions pounds to spend on her? Ok, just gonna have to settle for the usual hand cream and candles, and promise that one day you’ll be super rich and successful and will repay her for the years of devotion to your needs. SIGH.

3.      Picking out the best gift ever and thinking you have become the King / Queen of present buying. You’re so good, there should probably be an award in your name… or a knighthood perhaps?


4.      That whole process your brain goes through when you start wondering how much you’ve spent on things ‘Oh god have I spent too much on her?! What if she’s spent more on me?!’

5.      But then you remember it’s all cool and you don’t need to worry because it is definitely the thought that counts.


6.       After all those weeks of dedicated shopping (it’s a workout in itself) you don’t think you can actually watch anyone open their presents because you wouldn’t be able to handle their disappointed faces.


7.      Then it turns to you, and you have to open your present… insert internal thoughts rushing through your brain and trying to remember tricks you learnt on Youtube about hiding your sad face.

8.      You open to find that you should have never worried in the first place because your bestie is obvs the one person who knows you the best!


9.      You think it’s all going great until someone unexpectedly gives you a gift and you have to cause a weird distraction so you can run to your room and wrap anything that seems vaguely present like. 

10.       Then of course it's time to open your present from your nan, and there’s bound to be a pair of hideous socks and the usual slab of rock hard toffee…

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