Stages Of The Summer Bod

Christmas is over, you're lying on the sofa dropping in and out of a food coma on the brink of death and then accidentally open the front camera, catching a glimpse of your one too many chins...

You think about moving and then realise it's December. Who ever decided to start ANYTHING in December? This is definitely a job for January.

Obviously not January 1st though... way too hungover and it's six months til summer, you've got aaaaages. Monday, that's the day!

Okay, it's Monday. Time to become the new you, all over that #mondaymotivation! Smoothies, salads and a gym membership - you are literally a vision of health.

1 week in, it's going well *maybe I should set up a fitness Insta?*

2 weeks in, you haven't given up but definitely deserve a reward for all your hard work. Introducing the cheat day...

Cheat day turned into cheat week (if you're lucky) or potentially cheat month. It's fine though, as long as you're exercising you can eat what you want, right!? Should probably take the stairs though.

You agree to go out for drinks and before you know it you've made plans every night this week, there's just no time for the gym when you're such a social butterfly!

Time to enlist help. If you work out with your bestie you're not even REALLY giving up your social life.

She didn't help. She was the equivalent of an anchor just dragging you down with her as she became the flakiest, least motivated person you've ever known. Are we on relapse #3 now? I've lost count.

Holiday's booked, really need to get back on this fitness thing. Maybe the gym just wasn't for you? Let's weigh up the other options... running? dance class? yoga?

Okay it wasn't the gym, it was just exercise. 

"What if I go super healthy and just cut out carbs? The weight will totally just fall off." 

*see's pizza*

It's a month til your holiday, there's not much time left  and things are getting serious. We're talking juice cleanse, green tea detox, the works.

Summer's here! You haven't quite a achieved the transformation you were expecting but your trousers might be a little looser and you swear if you tense there's a definition line that was not there before.

Oh well, who even cares. Can't get your bod out in this weather anyway and no-one will know you on holiday. At least now you can invest in some really cute cover ups!