Stages Of Wearing Heels

Pretty but deadly. All of the moaning moments and regret from rocking those six inch heels. As told by Gossip Girl...

The purchase

So many pairs to choose from. These black courts are totally different to the ones I picked up last week... 

The prep

Yes. I definitely made the right decision. These look fab already

The confidence

Literally nothing to worry about here. I am the ultimate girl boss

The first hour

I've got this. Extra height, longer legs - what's not to love?!

Mid-way through the day/night

Trying to put on a brave face. Inside: dying. Should have brought back up flats

The fall

Did anyone see? Probably half of the world. Face palm 


The bitter end 

I purchased you. Why must you do this to me?

The break up

It started off so well...

GIF Source: Giphy