Struggles That Are Too Real For Every Student

Ready to attend every single lecture and buy every book? Maybe you’ll even become a student rep?   Or maybe you'll take the Netflix and bed route, staring at yourself with a reflection of disappointment between each episode, yet somehow resisting the urge to move (unless it’s for the pizza man).

We get it - entering your first few steps into adulthood is not easy; obstacles everywhere –we've all been there – and got the T-Shirt (or at least the hoody).

Hall Hygiene – I'm not sure what’s what's worse: playing Jenga with the stack of pots in the sink, the overflowing bin, or the pyramid of used beer cans. Don't even get me started on the leaning Tower of Pisa of empty loo rolls. 

Lectures – Nobody has experienced a REAL struggle until you’re crawling into that 8am lecture theatre with a blinding headache half covered in glow paint. Or… worse, when the lecture gets cancelled after an Olympic effort to arrive on time?!

Being Broke – The first experience of budgeting, and when I say budgeting I mean - blow most of it in the first couple of weeks and recover with those all-important 20p noodles. As long as you have your vodka and mixer … (it’s all about prioritising!) 

Workload – When you’ve got 13 essays 4 assignments and 6 exams to study for and you just lie in bed contemplating life like...

Laundry – Then there’s a visit to the alien world of the laundrette, after admitting defeat from the colour of your bed sheets, you bulldoze your way to the nearest empty machine and prepare for apocalypse now.

Housemates – They've been there through the thick and thin; the tactical chunders and the emotional hangovers. They always let you share their food and most importantly, support you in your decision to wear onesies at every possible occasion (even outdoors!).

The thought of graduation – Make the most of those long lie-ins because at the end of it all, you're about to trade epic student ways to become a full time professional for the rest of your life.