Stylefix Team Reacts

To that body contouring video

New from online make up school Ghalichi Glam, this tutorial takes the contouring craze to a whole new level. It's doing the social rounds so we obviously had to chip in. 

Spoiler alert: it's a massive CBA from basically all of us...

watch here

Surely the time it would take to do this would be better spent exercising for IRL results? Also imagine the marks you’d leave on bae every time you went in for a hug!


What happens if it rains? Will you just end up leaving a trail behind you? RIP to any white bed sheets. 


It’s already a 3 step process removing my make-up from my face every evening, never mind my body! Zzzzzzz 


Where would you wear this to? Unless you’re at zoo project in Ibiza – surely your fake abs will go unnoticed?


Just why?


Great idea! Add it to your normal contouring, Facetune and a good filter and no one will have a clue what you look like IRL … this is getting out of hand. 


Doesn’t even look rubbed in properly…what happened to women embracing their bodies? I get it’s a quick fix but if you want abs eat well and get down to the gym!


Who could be bothered?


I admire anyone who even has the time to do this? I can’t spare 10 minutes for a face contour.