Summer Of Sport Starts Here...

Here at boohoo HQ we’re all caught up in the summer of sport and a little bit of healthy compeititon! 

We’re working with some of our best blogging babes to show that sports can be about style as well as strength and stamina! First off, we’ll be warming up with some Anti-Gravity yoga (to be revealed).
We’re not stopping there either – we’ll also be representing teams from the UK, USA, Australia and France in the very first boohoo Games!

Combining the latest trends with team spirit, fashion and fun, we’ll be crowning a champion for each of our events – with extra points added for creativity and style!

Our blogging athletes will be representing their teams and taking on one of the following challenges and putting their heart and soul into trophy-winning outfits; being sure to follow the rules & break out of their comfort zones:

• Eyelash Lifting – When it comes to false lashes, the bigger the better. Go hard or go home; it’ll take more than fluttering your peepers to bag a gold so we’re challenging bloggers to take their make-up game to the next level.

• Netflix Marathon – Netflix was created in 1997, when the company was founded by a true movie aficionado. What we want to know; is who can come out on top in this test of endurance. Points are awarded for the best boxset/movie choices, snack selections and chicest loungewear.

• Bag Diving – Bag Diving was first introduced by the ultimate packing queen; Mary Poppins herself. We’ve all been guilty of over packing for a weekend away; so how much can you fit in your handbag? Holdalls at the ready…

• Extreme Layering – Underwear as outerwear, dresses over jumpers over shirts… could you BE wearing any more clothes?? Extreme layering is for the brave, the daring, the ones who’ve mastered the art of multiple wardrobe changes or who struggle to choose between outfits. The solution? Just wear them all at once!

• Dress Up Dressage – What’s better than a glossy mane? A killer hairstyle to wear it in! From braids to buns, up dos to unusual colours, we want to see a hairdo that’ll turn heads and score high. Bonus points for accessories; time to dig out those butterfly clips.
Stay tuned for each contest and to find out who will be crowned the winners of the boohoo Games 2016…