Super Bowl

Most Unforgettable Half Time Shows

1. Katy Perry ft Missy Elliott, probably the most unexpected pop star to collaborate with Missy. It kind of worked, I mean, Katy Perry in frumpy glittery shoes dancing alongside a rapper was a little cringe. but Missy saved it and that mic, made you do a double take

2. M.I.A giving the middle finger was dubbed the biggest scandal since J Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. And then there was MDNA dancing on the shoulders of LMFAO, which was actually a lot less cringe than it sounds, the cheerleader vibe was cute, Nicki Minaj killed it and M.I.A well, she made the performance something to talk about.   

3. Janet Jackson and the infamous nip slip. There's not much to say, since it's pretty much all been said. 2004 is definitely the most talked about half time show thanks to Janet's nipple ripple. Absolutely nobody was talking about J.T. after this but Janet went down in the Guiness World Records 2007 as the most searched term in internet history.

4. Ok so it's an oldie, but its got to be the best. 2001's half time show was kicked off by *NSYNC (for those that can't remember them, think Justin Timberlake in the double denim days). Aerosmith belted out 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing', possibly one of the biggest ballads of the 00's (guilty pleasure) which was then interrupted by Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige, even Nelly came on and rapped. Basically the stage was filled with every pop star that had been in the top ten that year doing a random cover of 'Walk This Way' and it was EXTREME.

P.S. please, please can Zoolander make another appearance at this year's Super Bowl!