Sweetie darrrrlings...

So, Absolutely Fabulous:  The Movie is coming to our screens, YAS! In case you missed the show (I know it was over 20 years ago, but there are really no excuses for missing TV this good) it was a funny AF sitcom that tackled all of the stereotypes that come with working in fashion. We should know.

Keep on scrolling for the official trailer, but first for all the Ab Fab virgins, let me pop your cherry with all the times Patsy and Eddie had your work life down.


Tuesday 11:00 -  The pre-presentation melt down, wait is that the Head of Department? Nobody told me they were coming?

Wednesday 14:00 - Somebody got snacks, cannot resist free food... OK so I'm on a holiday diet, but if I eat it in tiny mouthfuls the calories don't actually count, right?!

Wednesday 14.15 - Why did you let me eat the snacks? I gave you permission to actually smack the food out of my hand... I wasn't kidding!

Wednesday 19:00 - Well this was a mistake, but at least I got to wear my sassy new gym outfit!

Wednesday 21:00 - Joining the work crew for wine Wednesday cause that cute new guy is coming, much better!

Wednesday 23:00 - Now we're living, tonight is everything, this was our best plan yet!

Thursday 8:10 - What happened? Where am I? Sh*t, I need to be at work in less than an hour! I refuse to accept this is happening

Thursday 8.55 - Yes, I am a female boss, I've got an Uber and am on the way to work. I am definitely going to kick ass in this morning's ideas meeting

Wednesday 10:30 - The intern stole my idea and apparently got off with the cute new guy last night while I was searching for the work wife's lost phone.   

Friday 18:00 - AND I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

So now do you see why you really can't miss this? 

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