TBT: Social Media We're Nostalgic For

10 years ago Myspace surpassed Google as the most-visited site in the US showing the impact social media has on our lives. Fast forward to 2016 and we're just as addicted as ever. But whilst we now have the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook - we still love the old school social media sites that shaped our childhood. The SF team share their faves...


MSN: the ultimate place to go home, sit at a desktop and socialise with your school friends, having spent over 30 hours a week with them already. Chances are you were on a semi-slow dial-up desperately trying to log on to speak to your crush. Or if you REALLY wanted him to notice you, maybe opt for a subtle name title filled with hearts, stars and a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters. Or perhaps the famous attention seeking route of logging off and logging on constantly to make sure he sees your continuous exit and and entrance pop ups.

Not forgetting the moments when choosing your favourite song lyrics to put in your name was among one of your toughest decisions of the day. Or shaking your pal's computer screen because they've not responded to your magenta written messages. Oh MSN, those were the days...  

Habbo Hotel

Kind of like an online Sims but with everyone playing live with you and where most of your pocket money went. If you were a hardcore Habbo character you'd upgrade to some sassy hair and a well decorated bedroom for your fake life whilst creating relationships that lasted as long as you could be bothered to stay in that room for. 

Conversations were brief and sometimes, wait, most of the time, damn right weird. Basically a prettier, more expensive version of a chat room. 


Where everyone can have their own GIF overloaded, glitter-filled website ALL ABOUT THEM. It required not much skill, everyone went crazy on graphics and heck even a music MP3 blared out should you opted for that special add-on. Piczo was big before the likes of Myspace came on the scene and gave us the feeling we were web designers and coders in one.  That was not the case. Rainbows and beating hearts would definitely not cut it now. 


Whilst Facebook came first, Bebo was that in-between social platform for us to express ourselves. Unless we lied to Facebook about being over 18 (definitely never happened...), Bebo it was, and at the time it definitely didn't disappoint. It would require a lot of commitment and upkeep however. From ensuring your profile snap was fresh to choosing which of your gal pals you would be internet married to, if you didn't already have a boyf (or you just weren't that kind of girl to be socially joined at the hip).

Not forgetting the 'share the love' function. Those expressions of affection were limited so choosing who deserved your love most that day was tricky, as was deciding which of your crew would make your top friends list - dropping from that was a sure fire way to send a clear signal that things were NOT OKAY between you. 


Everyone remembers Tom right? That white t-shirt wearing brunette guy drawing on a whiteboard who we thought actually WANTED to be our friend. We quickly realised having perused our friends' pages that Tom's friendship was quite the fickle one - that guy was friends WITH EVERYONE. 

It was also one of the first place we posted selfies. Back then there was no editing. Camera flashes were seen in our well thought out mirror shots and we'd take many a photo to perfectly flaunt that deep side fringe. 

And that's before we customised our profile. From custom backgrounds to our favourite band's playlist blaring out the minute you landed on our page - nothing was left untouched. However we were left broken-hearted when our BFF Ellie ranked us as number 6 in her friends when she'd scored a decent number 3 ranking in our list. SHOCKING.