Teeny Tiny Tattoos We Have Massive Love For

by Ettie Stevenson

New year, new tattoo? If you're looking for tattoo inspo, look no further than this article. Whether it’s your first time getting inked or you’re a regular in the tattoo shop, deciding on what to get is no simple task! Don’t panic though; we’ve got you covered with our fave tattoo ideas RN.

We’re absolutely in LOVE with tiny tattoos! On the wrist, behind the ear or even by your ankle we think they’re just perfect. Super subtle but oh so cute! Even your gran will be a fan… possibly... no guarantees! Prepare for total tattoo envy...


Credit: @fraukekatze

A delicate mix of leaves and flowers in the shape of a heart is adorable as well as showing your arty side.

Behind The Ear

Credit: @tattoodo

Having a tattoo behind the ear is subtle but adds a little something to those days where your hair will do nothing right but a messy bun. The tat will get the attention instead of your bad hair day. WIN.


Credit: @west4tattoo

Who doesn’t love elephants? Elephants are associated with strength and good luck, the perfect reminder to keep positive… even on a Monday morning.


Credit: @radawasta 

A little shape is probably one of the best ways to get into tattoos, it’s something sooo simple but looks neat and there’s basically no way for them to go wrong! Go on and make all your friends want one.


Credit: @fine.line.tattoos

Although we all love a good quote, getting a whole one on your body is a big commitment! A single word or phrase is a nice way to have a positive message without it being too OTT.


Credit: @kellie237

Sharing a tattoo with someone ups the perfection levels. Something minimalistic like dots isn’t overpowering and is super universal. #SQUADGOALS, watch out Taylor!


Credit: @tanobi_cosmetic_tattooing

Tattoos don’t always have to be deep and meaningful right? Why not just have one for fun. Something like a neat smiley face or a cat face would be CUTE.

Hands up if you’re lusting after a teeny tiny tat 'cos we definitely are. Ugh so sweet!