The 12 Stages Of Exam Stress!

1. Preparation. 

You can't possibly start revising without all the matching stationary!? (Including but not limited to: fluffy biro, every colour of pen and at least a thousand flash cards)

2. The Study Zone

Time to hit the library and check out the hard-working talent! 

3. The First Study Break

Those 2 hours went well, you've actually learnt something and you're feeling pretty damn great about this revision thing. Time for a well deserved break (a.k.a. snack time).

4. The First Exam

You walk out thinking 'that was okay'.

5. Post-Exam

Everyone starts discussing question 3: "did you get 300 or 305?" (You got 2000).

6. Losing All Motivation

Being a student is just so tiring!

7. The Panic

The schedule did not go to plan. Now you have 2 days to revise for the last exam and you're 5 minutes away from a breakdown.

8. It Get's Worse...

Suddenly you realise there's a whole topic that you'd forgotten about and haven't even begun revising.

9. Last Minute Motivation

I will not let it defeat me! I've GOT this!

10. You open the exam paper...

11. It's All Over

You're not sure whether to smile because you're finished or cry because it went so shockingly badly. Maybe it's best to let the alcohol decide...

12. Results Day

It's a PASS!! (thank God) You vow never to leave revision to the last minute again!