The 6 most obnoxious names you can give your GF

In case you missed it, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it the pressure for you and your S.O to Marvin Gaye and get it on (sorry if I've just reinserted that song back into your head). As a single woman (throw your hands up at me) all the office love chat has got me thinking of the brilliant and totally valid reasons to be ALONE. 

There are loads, seriously, but one of the best is the cool lack of pet names in my life. You know those truly obnoxious/sickly sweet name replacements that seem to be a compulsory adage to any romantic relationship. 

I've surveyed my squad to come up with the six WORST, use them at your peril...

6. Doll (or even worse Baby Doll)

Sorry did I miss the part where I said it was cool for you to pick my clothes and control my every move? I'm SO NOT your toy.

5. The Mrs

Be still my beating heart! While this may be cute if we were actually married, calling us 'The Mrs' pre any kind of ceremony is just cringe - I'm not just sitting around waiting for you to put a ring on it.

4. Girl

SAY WHAT? I'm female? This is brand new information!

3. Sweet Cheeks

This is not sassy or sexy. This is the pet name equivalent of your grandma pinching your 8 year old cheeks,  not a way to get a lady in the mood.

2. Mate

Yes all good relationships are built on friendship, but no we do not want to feel like one of your bros. 

1. Babe

That'll do! Unless I'm a pig or you're one of the Mitchell brothers, there is no excuse for this actual pet name.

If in doubt...

Say my name! We quite like it, srsly.