The Celeb Cheat Sheet

2016 has only just started and already - scroll through your insta feed, check your FB page or pick up any gossip magazine and you'll find a million posts of "she did WHAT!?" or "He's dating who now!?' Honestly... it's exhausting! 

So we thought we'd save you some time and effort and catch you up on the things you ACTUALLY need to know about. Well... you could probably live without them but if you're going to bother with celeb gossip at all you may as well do it right!

Bieber and Baldwin

Justin and Hailey's budding romance looks like it's taken the next step into semi-official-dom. We haven't had written confirmation yet but the pictures speak for themselves don't they really? Maybe they're together, maybe they're not, all we know is they are definitely not JUST friends!

1. @justinbieber 2. @justinbieber

Zayn Plays The Blame Game

After stating he wasn't impressed by the most recent 1D album and stuff like he 'reached out' to Harry, Naill, Louis and Liam with no reply, Zayn Malik was called out by Liam's sister Ruth. She confirmed that Liam and Zayn did still text and stepped in to a twitter convo, saying "Your talent alone would get you through, not the newspaper columns" - and that's what you get for lying! Maybe this is it, Ruth will single-handedly bring them all back together for 1D round 2?? We can dream...

Hendall! (Harry and Kendall obvs.)

Snapped holidaying in the Caribbean last week and now confirmed by big sister Khloe - it's official, Kendall and Harry are "dating". That's it, speculation over. (That was boring wasn't it?)

Taylor Swift's New Video!

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has recently released her new music video for the song 'Out of the Woods'. As a Swift super fan, I'm absolutely loving this!

Although she refuses to say, rumour has it the song is about Harry Styles... #awkward. But Taylor doesn't seem to be pouting, with the last message in the video: "She lost him but she found herself, and somehow that was everything." YES Taylor - who needs a man!?