The dresses you NEED this season according to your horoscope

Words by Nicola Mckenna

With Christmas just around the corner, the race is on to find that perfect festive party dress but WHAT TO WEAR? We say ditch that LBD, step out of your comfort zone and sparkle this season by looking to the stars…quite literally!


Horoscope Hun: Selena Gomez

Element: FIRE

Colour: RED

Aries are ambitious, passionate and adventurous risk-takers. Paint the town red in this bold deep plunge slinky dress.

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Horoscope Hun: Kylie Jenner

Element: EARTH


Taurean babes appreciate the finer things in life; slip into this emerald green plunge velvet dress and team with rich gold clutch and heels.

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Horoscope Hun: Khloe Kardashian

Element: AIR

Colour: ORANGE

Gemini gals are sociable, fun and outgoing. Stand out from the crowd and embrace your playful side in a vibrant show stopper.

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Horoscope Hun: Gigi Hadid

Element: WATER

Colour: PURPLE

Cancerians: loyal, sentimental and stick to what they know – good for you ladies! If you are 100% exclusive to  that LBD then try something different and go for a new shape or style and add some colour with a statement bag and thigh-high boots.

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Horoscope Hun: Kendall Jenner

Element: FIRE


Bold and adventurous, you Leos love the spotlight!Oozing self-confidence, why not drape yourself in gold head-to-toe! Go on, get LIT like the tree.

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Horoscope Hun: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Element: EARTH

Colour: BLUE

Virgos are perfectionists who pay so much attention to detail. Every element of an outfit is planed ahead (there was probs a list), with the end result looking ON POINT.

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Horoscope Hun: Emma Watson

Element: AIR


For Libra ladies, life is about balance. You’re sociable but don’t vie for attention. You appreciate beautiful classic things and nothing is more classic than a timeless Bardot dress.

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Horoscope Hun: Rachel Mcadams

Element: WATER


Scorpio-born girls are calm and mysterious. A natural leader, you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion. Keep it crisp and cool in a statement panelled shirt dress with effortless accessories.


Horoscope Hun: Cara Delevingne

Element: FIRE

Colour: VIOLET

Sagittarius girls are open-minded, energetic and masters of reinvention. Team an ornate dress with an over-sized belt for instant kudos.

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Horoscope Hun: Nicole Scherzinger

Element: EARTH

Colour: INDIGO

Capricorns are practical, disciplined yet elegant. Compliment your star sign in this simple, but classic satin wrap maxi dress.

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Horoscope Hun: Emily Ratajkowski

Element: AIR


Aquarians are independent, intellectual go-getters, striving to be around like-minded energetic people. Bring the energy to the party in this plunging choker dress.


Horoscope Hun: Alejandra Espinoza

Element: WATER


Pisces are emotional, artistic and gentle. You are known for your wisdom — stay wise with a twist on a classic maxi dress paired up with barely-there accessories.

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