Stylefix Team Reacts: The 'Glam-Ma'

Feast your eyes on this sassy senorita... We present to you, the 'Glam-Ma'.

The internet went bat sh*t cray when Grandma Livia started popping up in everyone's Instagram feed, and it's pretty obvs as to why. 

Her make-up artist granddaughter is a dab hand at all things contouring and decided to test out some looks on her 80-year-old granny. Ca-yooooooot.

So. What do we reckon? (Spoiler alert: We all think she's an absolute boss) 

You go girl! Why should you stop being you or give up when you get old? I hope I have this much sass when I’m 80!


Amazing! I want to be a Glam-ma when I grow up!


What a bloody babe. I'm a firm believer that you're only as young as you feel, so this is just fabulous to me. And since when was there an age restriction on make-up? You. Do. YOU.


I think it’s great how much effort she put’s in – shows that age doesn’t have to matter. Plus she looks FLAWLESS, we need more people like this in the world!    


Brows on fleeeeeeek!


While I am SO over contouring, I’m totally pro confidence and girl power at any age. I seriously hope I’ll still be pushing boundaries way into my twilight, daring to wear whatever I like. Also, once I’ve gone grey I will finally be able to rock the pastel hair trend!! Hello blue rinse.


She looks great. SO sassy!


I usually hate any kind of contouring but I kinda love this. I mean, Baddie Winkle is my idol so I’m all about the OTT OAP-look